Chinese man leaves suicide note after row vowing ‘to marry girlfriend in next life’ before dying in car crash

A young man in eastern China believed to have committed suicide by deliberately crashing his car after a row with his girlfriend left her a message saying he hoped to marry the woman in his next life.

He had even researched online to find out that a person was certain to be killed in a car crash at a speed in excess of 120km/h, Qilu Evening News reported.

An initial investigation by police showed the man, 26, surnamed Pan, drove his car into crash barriers at high speed next to a highway bridge in Jinan, Shandong province, on November 15, the report said.

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Medics had found the man dead at the scene at about 6am.

Police ruled out a hit-and-run accident after finding no sign of any other damaged vehicles.

Surveillance footage also showed the car crashing into the barriers at about around 4.15am.

The man had earlier sent his girlfriend several messages, saying that he did not want to live any more after quarrelling with her, the report said.

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His messages said he would marry her in his next life and that he felt guilty about taking his life only with regard to his grandmother, because she had brought him up while still a child.

Police found that Pan had researched information online to find out at what speed a car needed to be moving in a crash to ensure its driver would be killed, the report.

He also sent messages saying that a person was certain to be killed in a car crash at a speed in excess of 120km/h.

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